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Alfabetismo Humano (pdf)

Core Concepts (Red Category Button)

  1. Intuitive Focusing
  2. Focused Listening
  3. PRISMS/S Problem Solving Process
  4. Collaborative Edge Decision Making
  5. Creative Edge Pyramid
  6. Personal Growth
  7. Spirituality
  8. Creativity
  9. Conflict Resolution
  10. Intimate Relationship
  11. Creating At The Edge/Culture of Creativity

Free Resources

  1. Instant “AHAH!”S E-Newsletter Sign Up
    1. First Six Instant “Ahah!”s
      1. Focusing: Find out what is bothering you
      2. Active Listening: Short-circuit angry confrontations
      3. Passive Listening: Stop arguments with partners, children, co-workers
      4. Five-Minute Grieving: What to do if a patient, friend, coworker starts crying
      5. Collaborative Decision Making: Quick, efficient meetings
      6. Empowerment Organization: Motivating from the bottom up
  2. Creative Edge Support Group E-Discussion/Support Group Sign Up
  3. Join Us! Collaborate On Ongoing Projects Almost Free Training for CE Consultant 
  4. Free Onsite Training for First Five Organizations/Corporations
  5. Individual Differences/”Personality” Tests
    1. Overview
    2. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
    3. Keirsey Temperament Sorter
    4. Enneagram
    5. Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences
    6. Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  6. Articles (PDF files)
    1. Experiential Focusing Therapy
    2. Focusing and Spirituality The Still Small Voice
    3. Active Grieving Part One
    4. Active Grieving Part Two
    5. Experiential Focusing Therapy A Unifying Humanistic Therapy
    6. Book and Tape Review Experiential Dimension Book and Focusing Awareness Video
    7. The Focusing Community
    8. Focusing Therapy Brief Therapy Humnistically
    9. Parents as Mirrors for Their Children
    10. Parenting Setting LImits and Allowing Choices
    11. Positive Parenting Listening to Child Partner Self
    12. Focusing: You Wake Up Depressed For No Reason
    13. Tears and Focusing
    14. Jung, MBTI, and Experiential Theory
    15. Being Touched and Being Moved The Spiritual Value of Tears
    16. Focusing Inner Child Work Abused Clients
    17. Caring Confrontation Experiential Therapy
    18. Psychotherapy Training Through Peer Counseling
    19. Listening and Interruptions In Task-Oriented Groups (dissertation excerpt)
    20. Don't Fight Them Join Them Community Plan for ADHD
    21. Experiential Focusing Brief Therapy Intervention
    22. Body as a Source of Knowledge
    23. Existential Phenomenology Philosphy Articulating Feminine Experience
    24. Finding the Meaning of Tears
    25. Medical Change Events Through Experiential Focusing
    26. Listening Focusing In Supportive Community
    27. Affect Focusing Experiential Therapy
    28. Changes Peer Counseling Model of Community Mental Health
    29. Focusing Therapy: Theory, Research,Practice, and Training
    30. Collaborative Edge Decision Making
    31. Instant "Ahah!" Mini-Manual
    32. Complete Focusing Instructions
    33. Focusing in Community: Introduction
  7. Articles by Others
    1. Focusing and Twelve Step by Steve Crawford
    2. Recovery Focusing by Suzanne Noel
  8. Spanish Articles
    1. Metodode Tomade Decisiones del Border de Colaboracion
    5. La Piramide de Borde Creativo
    6. Ajas Instantaneous
    7. Cultura de Creatividad
    8. Focusing – Individualmente, con un Entrenador de Borde Creativo o con un Terapeuta de Focusing Experiencial.
    9. Turnos Iguales de Intercambio de Escucha/Focusing
    10. Focusing Interpersonal – Usar Escucha/ Focusing Para Facilitar la Resolución de Conflictos
    11. Focusing En Comunidad: Introduccion
  9. Interesting Related Books
  10. Listings:Focusing Professionals / CE Focusing Consultants
  11. Links:Related Websites

Is This You?: Our Ideal Clients and The Problems They Face

  1. Introduction: Tapping The Creative Edge In Individuals And Organizations
    1. Two Self-Help Skills For Home and Work
    2. Interest Areas
      1. Creative Edge Organizations
      2. Building Supportive Community
        1. Focusing in Support Groups
        2. APPLICATION: Community Mental Health
        3. Task-Oriented Community Building
      3. Educating, Especially for ADHD
        1. Focusing in Education
      4. Positive Parenting
        1. Parents As Mirrors
        2. Limits and Choices
        3. Positive Parenting
        4. Don’t Fight ‘Em, Join ‘Em: A Community-Wide Intervention For ADHD PDF
      5. Conscious Relationships
      6. Experiential Focusing Therapy
      7. Experiencing The Sacred
      8. Individual Differences - Coming Soon

Who We Work With Summary

  1. Organizations: Executives, Managers, Human Resource Personnel
  2. Individuals: Parents, Lovers, Friends
  3. Community Builders: Grass Roots Organizers, Volunteer Coordinators, Support Group Facilitators, Spiritual Communities
  4. Helping Professionals: Physicians, Nurses, Counselors, Psychotherapists, Body-Centered Healers, Teachers, Ministers
  5. Creative Edge Focusing Collaborators: Volunteers, Foundations, Social Change Agents

How We Work: Giving Psychology Away

Specific Services and Programs

  1. Introduction:  Pyramid of Skills from Individual to Organization
  2. Pot of Gold: Specific Services and Programs
    1. Self-Help Package
    2. Classes/Workshops Internationally
    3. Creative Edge Coaching
    4. Creative Edge Consulting :First Five Organizations Free!!
    5. Creative Edge Focusing Consultant Training Program
    6. Experiential Focusing Professional Training Program  
      1. Outline of Certifcation Program Stages and Costs, As Well as TFI Costs
    7. Creative Edge Collaboration With Us
    8. Creative Edge Focusing ™ Intensive

Case Studies and Testimonials

    1. The Creative Edge Pyramid: Case Studies At Each Level
      1. Focusing – Alone Or With A Creative Edge Coach Or Experiential Focusing Professional
      2. Focusing Partnership: An Equal Exchange Of Listening/Focusing Turns
      3. Interpersonal Focusing – Use Of A Third Person To Facilitate Conflict Resolution
      4. Focusing Groups/Teams – Check-In, Then Break Into Pairs Or Triads
      5. Collaborative Edge Decision Making Meetings – Shared Leadership, Coordinated Collaboration, and Creative Edge Impasse Resolution
      6. Focusing Communities – Focusing Groups/Teams With The Addition Of Interpersonal Focusing And Collaborative Edge Decision Making
      7. Creative Edge Organization – All Of The Above Plus Finding “The One Small Thing” For Motivating From The Bottom Up
    2. Volunteer! First Five Organizations Free Training!
    3. Testimonials

About Us

    1. Creative Edge Focusing™ As An Organization
    2. Dr. Kathy McGuire, Director
      1. Life Experiences Biography
      2. Gendlin Biography
      3. Rogers Biography

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