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Creative Edge Consulting Package: For Organizations and Corporations Who Want Onsite Consulting and Training to Apply Creative Edge Focusing Pyramid Throughout Their Organization, With Emphasis On Carry-Over At Home As Well As Work

Active, Hands-On Skill Training

When Dr. McGuire or another CE Focusing Consultant comes into your organization, the Consultant will use Creative Edge Focusing Pyramid and the PRISMS/S Focusing Process from the first moment, teaching the Core Skills, Intuitive Focusing and Focused Listening, continuously, by modeling, demonstrating, and hands-on practice.

Of course, if needed, a CE Focusing Consultant can come in and observe your organization, facilitate long-term, difficult interpersonal conflicts, and become sensitive to the present corporate culture and possible resistances to the Creative Edge Focusing ™ model. But, eventually, Creative Edge Focusing Consulting moves to self-help training, handing skills over to participants. This self-help orientation distinguishes us from other organizational consultants.

Full training of the first group (maximum 20 participants) in the Core Skills and Creative Edge Focusing Pyramid, to the level where the skills and methods can be used competently for individual Focusing, Focusing Partnerships, Focusing Groups/Teams, and Collaborative Edge Focusing Decision Making takes 40 hours of training, twenty weekly 2-hour classes or, more intensively,  fourteen 3-hour sessions, perhaps split into two intensive workshops.

Participants will learn the PRISMS/S Focusing Process, with Core Skills of Intuitive Focusing and Focused Listening, and how to use Focusing alone and/or in Focusing Partnerships and Focusing Groups/Teams.

They will learn Interpersonal Focusing and Collaborative Edge Focusing Decision Making, including Creative Edge Impasse Resolution procedures. This will include actual work using Interpersonal Focusing on existing interpersonal conflicts in the training group and Collaborative Edge Focusing Decision Making meetings to decide how to proceed in spreading the Core Skills and Pyramid of Methods throughout the organization and including use at home as well as at work.

Participants will learn to create motivation and buy-in from the bottom up, using The One Small Thing component of the Creative Edge Organization method.

The training group must be continuously present for all training sessions, e.g., people can not move in and out to meet other work-related demands.

However, the work of the organization will continue in the training group.  The training group will be working on real issues of the organization at all times while learning and practicing the self-help skills:

  • PRISMS/S Problem Solving, using Intuitive Focusing and Focused Listening turns for the creation of new ideas and innovative solutions
  • Interpersonal Focusing to facilitate conflict resolution between individuals
  • Collaborative Edge Focusing Decision Making meetings on the real issues facing the organization, including how to carry the Creative Edge Focusing ™ model over into the larger organization and into employee’s homes.

The forty-hours of training can be designed to fit your organizations’ needs and the availability of CE Focusing Consultants in your geographic area. The organization will pay the cost of travel and lodging/meals, if necessary, as well as the consulting fee.

Here are some possible structures for the 40 hours of training:

  • The complete 40-hour onsite training can take place in seven intensive days of training, two three-hour sessions on each day: 9-12AM; break for lunch; 1:30PM-4:30PM.
  • The 40 hours of training can be split into a four-day intensive with 24 hours of training, a break of several weeks for independent practice, and a three-day follow up session for an additional 18 hours of training.
  • Training can take place as a two-hour class once a week for twenty weeks
  • Other arrangements can be devised through consultation

Pre-Planning Through Teleconferencing

Through the Free Phone Consult, followed by at least three additional phone sessions of Coaching/Consulting, you and Dr. McGuire and others from your organization invited into teleconferencing will decide who to include in the initial Creative Edge Focusing training/decision making group and a basic format for training the initial group or groups

Planners at the highest level will be exposed to the Core Skills during these teleconferences. They will be learning the Core Skills and Applied Methods of Creative Edge Focusing Pyramid as they articulate, from their own Creative Edge, how and where the Core Skills and Applied Methods can be used to further the goals of the organization. This initial Focusing Group/Team will decide how further training will proceed in the organization, using the Collaborative Edge Focusing Decision Making process.
Pre-visit phone and email consultations will establish who will be at the first onsite Focusing Group/Team meeting, where the Collaborative Edge Focusing Decision Making method will be used to decide how the Creative Edge Focusing ™ model will be applied in the organization. If, after consultation, we decide that your organization wants to train more than one group of 20 participants at a time, then Dr. McGuire will bring in other Creative Edge Focusing ™ Consultants to lead these additional training groups. As a more cost-effective method of training everyone in the organization, the initial Training Group can turn around and teach the next group, and so on throughout the organization. This is the Each One Teach One component.

Prior to training, we ask that participants take the Keirsey Temperament Sorter (included in Keirsey, D., and Bates, M., Please Understand Me,, Prometheus Nemesis Book Co., 1984), a user-friendly version of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Scores identifying different Personality Styles within the group provide a great stimulant for the introduction of Interpersonal Focusing as a method of diversity training and team building.

Each One Teach One

After their training , participants in the first training group can then turn around and start teaching the Core Skills and Creative Edge Pyramid of methods to other groups or teams within the organization, if called for by the Creative Edge Organization plan. Certain staffers can also take a specified role as Focusing Partnership Trainers, Interpersonal Focusing facilitators, and/or  Collaborative Edge meeting facilitators.

As decided during the Training Group’s Collaborative Edge Focusing Decision Making Meetings, training in the Core Skills and Methods can also be extended to family members of employees for application at home as well as at work.

After the intensive training workshop, the Consultant will offer ongoing consultation and practice through phone, teleconference, and email, including:

  • Intuitive Focusing Coaching
  • Listening/ Focusing Partnership practice
  • Facilitation of Interpersonal Focusing for conflict resolution
  • Collaborative Edge Focusing Decision Making meetings.

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These materials are offered purely as self-help skills. In providing them, Dr. McGuire is not engaged in rendering psychological, financial, legal, or other professional services. If expert assistance or counseling is needed, the services of a competent professional should be sought.