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Certified Focusing Professional, Licensed Psychologist.

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Services here below are offered in Spanish or English or both languages simultaneously if requested. Phone sessions are offered internationally by arrangement.


You will work on your own personal life issues while being listened to by a caring professional with 60 years of life experience:  migration, chronic diseases, disabled relative, raising a large family in different cultures and countries, political instability, life threatening disease. You will also begin to learn how to use Focusing while being listened to.

30 minutes of Listening with acceptance, tolerance and respect – no “advice” or “fixing.”
$15/ 30 minute phone session. Optional:  package of 4 sessions: $50 paid in advance.


For those already trained in Focusing Partnership:

Share a Listening/Focusing exchange with Agnes, a Certified Focusing Professional from a Latin American background with life experiences in migration, chronic diseases, disabled relative, raising a large family in different cultures, political instability, life threatening disease. Practice your Spanish or your English with caring attention.

$15/ 50-minute phone session.
Optional: Package of 4 sessions: $50 paid in advance.


Learn both Listening and Focusing through an equal Focusing/Listening Exchange with a Certified Focusing Trainer. As Focuser, learn to be “in charge” of your own process and to pay attention to your “felt sense” of issues and solutions. As Listener, learn to set aside judgment and clearly “hear” another.

Prerequisite: 3 Empathic Listening Sessions and at least one session of Focusing Tutorial
 $30/ 50 minute phone session
 Optional:  Package of 4 sessions: $100 paid in advance. 

Learn the basics of Focusing. You will work on personal problem solving while practicing Focusing with guidance.
Prerequisite:  Three Empathic Listening Sessions (see above)

$30/ 50 minute phone session


This is offered in Spanish, face to face.  Groups up to 6.  Only in Costa Rica
Five two-hour sessions: Counts toward Certification by The Focusing Institute,  and Creative Edge Focusing ™

30 dollars per session (Total: $150 for five sessions)
Two hours each session

Three Empathic Listening sessions


This is offered only in Spanish, face to face, groups up to 6.  Only in Costa Rica

Five two-hour sessions. Counts toward Certification by The Focusing Institute and Creative Edge Focusing™

30 dollars per session (Total $ 150 for five sessions)
Two hours per session

Focusing Level 1

 About Agnes Rodríguez.-

Born in Lima, Perú, of Peruvian father and Hungarian mother, Agnes had to face from infancy the challenge of meeting two cultures.  She had a city Mid-European education along with a Spanish ascendant family from a small Andean village.

The experience at high school in the capital of Perú with a bilingual education didn’t give Agnes the scope of other latinamerican children with strong family ties which would have provided the social contact needed to assimilate their culture with corresponding pros and cons.  

Becoming critical to society as a teen-ager, Agnes wanted to work for the people, being volunteer in a program called Cooperación Popular which again brought her in contact with the Andean society of her ancestors.

Knowing the importance to face, as well, the world beyond the borders of Perú, her father helped her to join the American Field Service (AFS), a Scholarship Program for Students Exchange. Agnes lived with an American family in New Jersey for one year at age 18, graduating at a Senior High School.

Later in life, after obtaining her B.Sc from the Universidad Catolica del Peru she became a licensed Psychologist. Agnes got married to a Peruvian and raised a family of four.  The first son became ill at age 6 and had to be operated on for Thyroid cancer.

The family survived the pain of having a child with cancer, who was able to live after two important surgeries and several treatments with radioactive iodine.

Agnes had to quit work to attend her son Arturo and the other children that came later.

Perú went thru a time of political instability mostly due to guerrilla Shining Path, with bombings and kidnappings. Agnes’ husband was kidnapped but luckily was kept alive because what the kidnappers wanted was the car for some delinquent act.

Foreign pharmaceutical laboratories were closing down and most left the country. Agnes’ husband, consequently, lost his job for sustaining the family.

This was time to look for a job abroad.   Having long ago friends in the U.S., Agnes was welcomed at the home of a Peruvian friend, “her comadre” also a Psychologist working for Ventura County in California.

The family split.  Half of it came to California (Agnes and two younger children)
The father stayed in Perú with the two older ones, having temporary jobs with international organizations (WHO among them) as consultant and working part of the year abroad.

Later, with the need to reunite the family, both parties decided to settle down in Costa Rica where the father got a contract in 1990. Since then the family lives there.

Agnes got involved with Focusing in 2002, being trained by Robert Lee and Margarita Brenes.  At that time, before becoming certified, she attended the outstanding international seminar “Changing the Unchangeable”.

Agnes has worked mostly translating to Spanish articles from Gene Gendlin and from other Focusers and lately has been very engaged in the translation of Creative Edge Focusing ™ website of Kathy McGuire.

Since 2002 she has been doing Focusing Partnerships and attending Changes group meetings in Costa Rica, meeting people of different backgrounds.

Agnes has started to provide basic training in Focusing this year. Also, in 2007, she had an article being published at The Folio, the magazine for Focusers of the The Focusing Institute.

At present, she is a Certified Focusing Professional by The Focusing Institute and a Coordinator for Spanish speaking population for Creative Edge Focusing.

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