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Ruth Hirsch, MSW, MPH, CMT

Certified Focusing trainer and Certifying Coordinator

Ruth Hirsch, MSW, MPH, CMT is a Certified Focusing trainer and Certifying Coordinator for the International Focusing Institute, as well as for Creative Edge Focusing, and a Consultant based in Jerusalem, Israel. She offers phone sessions and courses, and is available to travel for on-site trainings. Contact Ruth directly at, or by phone at 510.868.0885 for information and/or to register and pay for the following offerings. Visit Ruth's website at



For those wishing private sessions to address particular issues, and/or to integrate Focusing into their existing work.

Initial session (75 minutes): $105.
Follow-up sessions (1 hour) $85 
Longer Sessions pro-rated based on above fees.
(Call for information re sliding scale.)


Individual sessions in Jerusalem and on-site workshops that combine Focusing and Touch by invitation worldwide.

Initial session (75 minutes): $105.
Follow-up sessions (1 hour) $85 
Longer Sessions pro-rated based on above fees.
(Call for information re sliding scale.)

Ruth is available to travel internationally to lead workshops and to conduct private sessions. Please contact her for more information.

Phone   510-868-0885

Focusing Partnership Training:

Package of three 90 minute sessions: $345.

One-on-One sessions teaching Listening and Focusing skills to use in equal Focusing Partnership turns.

These sessions are the equivalent of Level One, Focusing Basics. (This qualifies you to enter the international free Focusing Partnership pool at

Focusing Level 1-4 Workshops:

All levels of Focusing training, from beginner through advanced (See below for description of levels.)

Each course is limited to a maximum of 6 students. Level One meets 4 times, for 2 1/2 hours each time. Advanced courses meet 3 times, for 3 hours each time. The phone-in number is a US phone number. Please contact for more information and start dates for classes.

Fee per Levels Class: $250. One-time pre-payment for Levels 1-4 $950.
Contact  for registration and payment. 

LEVEL ONE  Focusing and Listening Basics ; Focusing Partnership Exchange
Attaining a basic understanding of Focusing, including the ability to Focus alone (self guiding), and with a partner, and the ability to be a listener to another Focuser. It is the goal that by the end of the course participants will be able to Focus either with a partner or on their own.

LEVEL TWO  Advanced Listening and Beginning Guiding
Enhancing competence in self-guiding, learning advanced listening techniques, and a few guiding techniques that can deepen the Focuser’s ability to stay with present awareness. The essence of the course is learning to be an increasingly facilitative companion to the Focusing process for yourself and for others.

LEVEL THREE  Advanced Guiding: Basics
Beginning to learn how to facilitate a Focusing session for someone new to Focusing.
Supportive suggestions for each stage of the Focusing process will be taught.

LEVEL FOUR  Advanced Guiding: Troubleshooting
Learning a compassionate approach to handling various possible obstacles in the Focusing process including working with the Inner Critic, and how to assist a Focuser who “feels nothing”, or has one part attacking or victimizing another.

Dates for Upcoming Classes

Certification as Focusing Trainer

The pre-requisite for this program is completion of the first four levels of Basic Focusing Training. Please contact Ruth at  for more information regarding this program which results in Certification under the auspices of The International Focusing Institute. Joint certification with Creative Edge Focusing ™ can also be included.

Helping Professionals Training Program

10-month course on integrating Listening and Focusing into therapeutic practice for psychotherapists, counselors, doctors, nurses, body workers. Covers Levels 1-4 above with a consistent group of other helping professionals. Includes emphasis upon learning through classes, reading, Focusing Partnerships within the training group and between sessions, and supervisory sessions to facilitate the integration of skills with each participant’s own profession. Please contact Ruth for details.


8 monthly two-hour supervisory tele-classes with unlimited email support and practice Maximum group size of 8. Group forming for 2008. Please contact  for details.

Personal Statement/ Bio

Focusing has changed my life, enhancing it in innumerable ways.

I have been actively involved in the field of health, healing, and personal growth since I was an adolescent with an avid interest as well as training in yoga, nutrition, and holistic health. Later, I served for two years as a Maternal and Child Health educator with the Peace Corps in West Africa, after which I returned to the US where I worked for nearly five years at the federal level on Program Development for the U.S. Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) program.

In the early 80's, after becoming certified to teach yoga, and beginning teaching, I moved to California to earn Masters’ degrees in Social Work and Public Health. Following this I became involved in a variety of Somatic therapies, becoming certified in Massage Therapy, Acupressure, and Focusing.

I received my primary Focusing Training from Ann Weiser Cornell, and supplementary training from a variety of other Focusing Trainers including Gene Gendlin. I have been offering private Focusing sessions since 1994, and teaching Focusing since 1995. In this capacity, I have been conducting phone sessions internationally since 2001, and teaching Focusing via telephone conference lines since 2005, all with excellent results.

I have had consistently good results working with people in various life situations, including people dealing with a variety of issues related to business and their work life, people in transition, people seeking better relationships, and people struggling with physical challenges ranging from back pain to life-challenging conditions.

I am presently in the core group of associates at Creative Edge Focusing ™, helping to create programs to share Listening and Focusing skills with a variety of audiences.

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