2. Focusing Partnership -- An Equal Exchange of Listening/Focusing Turns

  1. Focusing – Individualmente, con un Entrenador de Borde Creativo o con un Terapeuta de Focusing Experiencial.
  2. Turnos Iguales de Intercambio de Escucha/Focusing
  3. Focusing Interpersonal – Usar Escucha/ Focusing Para Facilitar la Resolución de Conflictos
  4. Grupos y Equipos de Focusing – Registrarse, Luego Dividirse en Parejas y Tríadas
  5. Reuniones de Toma de Decisiones
  6. Communidades de Focusing
  7. Organizaciones de Borde Creativo

This would be similar to the above, except my husband and I would have contracted for an equal exchange of turns: he would be the Focused Listener for me for twenty -60 minutes while I use Intuitive Focusing on a concern, as we did above. Then we would switch roles, and he would be the Focuser, while I gave him Focused Listening responses (Pure Reflection, Asking For More, and Focusing Invitations as necessary) while he spent equal time exploring any issue or concern of his own.

There are a few minutes between turns for feedback about how the turn was. First the Focuser says how it was for her, what was most helpful, what could have been different. Then the Listener says how it was for him, where he got lost or nervous, how connected he felt, how honored. Then, they change roles: he becomes the Focuser, she the Focused Listener, for an equal amount of time.

In a typical weekly Focusing Partnership, each turn might be 20 minutes to an hour.

Our Self-Help Package, with the manual Focusing In Community (Focusing en Comunidad), teaches you the skills for Focusing Partnership, the Listening/Focusing Exchange between equals.



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