Helping Professionals: Physicians, nurses, counselors, psychotherapists, body-centered healers, teachers, ministers

Who You Are

You provide a service helping others to actualize their physical, spiritual, and/or emotional potential. You are looking for a predictable way to keep yourself on The Creative Edge during your work, to utilize your intuitive, right-brain Wisdom as well as left-brain problem solving.

You believe that individuals have Wisdom about their problems and possible solutions, and you want to tap into this self-healing potential.

You are interested in learning new skills. You would like to enrich your family life as much as you enrich the lives of your patients/clients.

You already have training in Listening and Focusing but want to belong to a supportive learning community which will help you grow your practice as you grow yourself.

Problems You Face

You are burned out. No matter how much you try to encourage people to take responsibility for themselves, they still lean on you, looking for that magic “pill.”

You feel the pressures of managed health care, little time to try to connect with patients/clients on a deeper level. Yet you hunger for connection. You want your work to be meaningful, not routine. You’d like to go home energized, not drained.

You’ve been to countless workshops.  Initially, you have some excitement about a new technique, then that falls away, and you go back to your routine ways. You feel like you don’t have time to learn or to do anything new. You are exhausted when you get home.

If this sounds like you, please download our many articles on Experiential Focusing Therapy in our Free Resources section and consider joining our Experiential Focusing Professionals training program where you will learn to incorporate Intuitive Focusing and Focused Listening into all other methods of therapy, counseling, and healing.

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