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Organizations: Executives, Managers, Human Resource Personnel

Your initial contact will be directly with me, Dr. Kathy McGuire, Director, or another Creative Edge Consultant. From the first moment, we will begin demonstrating and teaching you, and any chosen partners or team, the two Core Skills, Intuitive Focusing and Focused Listening.

 We will introduce you to the PRISMS/S Focusing Process

We will ask you to pause for a moment, and use Intuitive Focusing to “check in” with the “intuitive feel” of your issue or idea, the “something more” of right-brain information that is not already in words, The Creative Edge.

We will respond to you with Focused Listening, helping you to find words and symbols for that “something more.” We will hope to have you directly experience a Paradigm Shift, a moment of “Ahah! That’s it!”

If you are going beyond Individual Focusing Coaching for personal growth to bringing Creative Edge Focusing™ into your organization, while we teach you the Core Skills, we will be using PRISMS/S to design an onsite training program for your situation.

You can bring other people into our teleconferencing as needed.

Every moment, you and your colleagues will be learning PRISMS/S, how to use the Core Skills of Intuitive Focusing and Focused Listening, actively applying them to solve real problems and create new ideas and being able to assess their usefulness to you and your organization.

You will be experiencing different methods of Creative Edge Focusing PyramidFor instance, we can use the Interpersonal Focusing skills to resolve existing conflicts between individuals in your organization by teleconference. We can use Collaborative Edge Focusing Decision Making as a teleconference brainstorming with colleagues to design an onsite training program specific to your organization.

By the time you decide whether to invest further time and money in The Creative Edge Focusing™ model, you will have had actual experience with the Core Skills and Applied Methods and be able to judge their effectiveness from first hand experience.

Problems You Face and Our Solutions

  • Problem: As an executive or manager, you feel you have no one to turn to for advice and support. Sometimes you feel burned out, overwhelmed by a particular problem, looking for new creativity in your approach to problems, looking for the sense of meaning and purpose behind your work.
  • Solution: Through individual Focusing Coaching Sessions, you can receive confidential, individualized support and advice as you learn to use Intuitive Focusing as a problem solving skill. The Creative Edge (CE) Focusing Consultant will immediately start teaching you how to access your own Inner Wisdom, to find your own creative solutions through “sitting with” the right-brain, “intuitive feel” and creating new words and images directly from that Creative Edge.
    After several sessions, you can continue Focusing Coaching through email as well as phone consultations. At any point, you can also decide whether you also want individual Coaching in the Focused Listening skill. You can also bring in other colleagues for Interpersonal Focusing for conflict resolution or Collaborative Edge Focusing Decision Making, all through teleconferencing.
  • Problem: You can’t imagine how you can possibly reach and support every employee and provide support in their home lives as well. You and your employees are tired of learning new things, cynical about one more program. You are all too busy to relax
  • Solution: Everyone in your organization will  learn “self-help,” how to apply PRISMS/S  for individual creative problem solving, interpersonal conflict resolution at home and at work, and collaborative group decision making.

    Each one teaches the next one.
    We can teach all of your workers in groups of fifteen to twenty, if you like. However, after teaching a chosen core group PRISMS/S and the seven applied methods of Creative Edge Focusing Pyramid, we will also supervise that core group in turning around to teach the next level, and so on, until every person in your organization knows the two Core Skills and seven Applied Methods.

    We will also help you to create a model and support for your employees to take the skills home, teach them to loved ones, and create supportive groups for continued practice and problem solving.

    Some in your organization will be better at, and more interested in, PRISMS/S than others. We will help you to identify and support these special people. They may become specialists in facilitating interpersonal conflict resolution or leading collaborative decision making meetings.

    However, everyone in your organization will have learned the new norms and the structures for actualizing them.
  • Problem: You can’t imagine how to turn open conflict, backbiting, and indirect sabotage into safe, creative conflict resolution. You’ve tried Diversity Training and Personality Testing and nothing sticks. People still stereotype and misunderstand each other.
  • Solution: We come in and teach everyone the No Interruption, Turn Taking structures of Interpersonal Focusing. Participants exchange structured Listening/Focusing turns on their issues, with the help of a third person facilitator when necessary. The structure does not allow hostile exchanges. At the same time, it makes space for Intuitive Focusing, articulating the true causes behind the surface conflict and for Focused Listening, leading to the empathic understanding which creates the willingness to come up with mutually-acceptable solutions to the conflict.
  • Problem:  You want creativity but not the chaos that can come with it. You know that collaboration is more creative, but you have to work with hierarchy, budgets, time limits. Your people don’t know how to run effective meetings, and they don’t get along with each other. Meetings can degenerate into arguments or drift off-topic.
  • Solution: Through The Collaborative Edge Focusing Decision Making method we teach everyone the simple “How To’s for Decision Making Meetings.” These create structures which support creativity and collaboration within the needs of hierarchy.

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