Learning Self-Help Skills Takes Small Steps, Support, and Feedback

Creative Edge Focusing™ believes in empowering people to help themselves. We teach “human literacy:  the Core Skills needed for creativity and change, conflict resolution, and innovative problem solving.

The PRISMS/S Focusing Process and Creative Edge Focusing Pyramid of Skills and Methods  become a life-style change, integrating into many aspects of home and work life.


Dr. McGuire’s mission has been the integration of masculine and feminine, left- and right-brain, work and home.  Her wholistic approach allows you to bring empathy and self-empathy to the places you spend the wide variety of your living, for creativity, communication, conflict resolution, and building caring community.

Dr. McGuire has retired from active teaching and training. But the outcome of over forty years of teaching the self-help skills of Carl Rogers’ Empathic Listening and Eugene Gendlin’s Experiential Focusing can be found in the many materials on her website for Creative Edge Focusing. This includes her many Articles in English and Spanish.

The new totally Free Store includes Manual Downloads, Audio Files, new PDF files for her E-Course, and Listing of Courses and Trainings offered by others.

But you can find all her cumulated experience most easily in her Instant “Ahah!”s E-Newsletter / E-Course. All the tasks are broken down into small steps with lots of practice videos and backup materials. This is the ideal way to really learn the skills

You are invited to download The Instant “Ahah”s Mini-Manual  /  ”Ajas” Instantaneos right now to get a taste of what Dr. McGuire’s E-Course on Listening and Focusing will include.


The Instant “Ahah!”s E-Course walks you through the ten applications in The Instant “Ahah!”s Mini-Manual plus 21 videos teaching Relaxation, Focusing, Listening, and how to start your own practice group. It also covers all the articles and Interest Areas at Dr. McGuire’s website for Creative Edge Focusing.  
You will learn applications of Listening and Focusing to intimate relationships and friendships, work relationships and creative problem solving, conflict resolution, spirituality, education and parenting, counseling and psychotherapy, and building support groups and supportive communities.

Instead of coming as weekly emails from Constant Contact as it has for the past 12 years, now all of the E-newsletters have been collected into the new Instant “Ahah”s E-Course which comes in Parts One, Two, and Three. These are available as PDF files with live links in The Free Store here.

You will find the whole course worth of e-newsletters collected in sequence there, each section with four opportunities to practice the new skills, with active links to videos and readings:

The minus: you will not receive reminders in your email inbox to go and practice the skills. You will have to be self-motivated (or find a partner or start a small group to work through the e-course together to keep you on track!)

The plus: whenever you join the E-Course, you can start right at the beginning, in Part One, and work your way through at your own speed. You might want to find a partner or a small group to work through it with you to help you stay motivated and on track! You can do this! It is self-help. It is all my cumulated wisdom, right here, free, and when you need it/have time.


So, the Instant “Ahah!”s E-Course is now completely in your hands. You want to download the PDF files but keep them on your computer so that you can take advantage of all the active links to YouTube Videos and other course materials. You are welcome to print them out, but then you will lose all these active links which are really the meat of the e-course.

Time to plunge in while the interest that brought you here is still fresh! Start at Courses: Instant “Ahah!” E-Course: Part One
As soon as you start Part One, you will see opportunities to download the Instant “Ahah”s Mini-Manual ( “Ajas” Instantaneos) , the Complete Focusing Instructions file, and much more.


If you want a shorter approach to an E-Course teaching these skills of Listening and Focusing and their many applications, you can go to the YouTube channel for Dr. Kathy McGuire, start with the first, earliest video, and work your way up. You will then be learning all the practice videos with a verbal introduction. You will be missing additional text explanations and links to additional readings and resources.


The actual E-Course is mainly in English, as are the accompanying YouTube videos.  But you can find the free accompanying manual, Focusing in Community: How To Start A Listening/Focusing Support Group  in the new Free Store) also in Spanish as Focusing En Communidad in The Free Store. And there are several articles/webpages in Spanish here. You will find references to these materials throughout the E-Course where they are available. Thanks to Agnes Rodriguez of Costa Rica for all of these translations!


Although Dr. McGuire is retired, you may try contacting her at

More Sparkle: More Resources!

FREE Personality Tests! Understand  Individual Differences

The realization that individuals are really different, as if they came from another planet, is essential to understanding and resolving conflicts and working together in relationships, teams, groups, communities, or nations. See the Personality Tests menu in the sidebar for some of the models we find most useful for understanding people’s differing personality, relationship, learning, and leadership styles.

FREE Articles! Download Now

Dr. McGuire has written many articles over her thirty year career. Scroll through the listings to find short (useful for introducing others to our Core Concepts) and longer articles on topics from grieving to parenting to intimate relationship to building community to spirituality to collaborative decision making to brief therapy to psychology of woman and more!!!

Articles (PDF Files)


  1. Experiential Focusing Therapy
  2. Focusing and Spirituality: The Still, Small Voice Within
  3. Grieving Childbearing Issues Part One
  4. Active Grieving Part Two
  5. Experiential Focusing Therapy: A Unifying Humanistic Therapy 
  6. Book and Tape Review: Experiential Dimension In Therapy Manual and Focusing Awareness Video 
  7. The Focusing Community
  8. Focusing Therapy: Brief Therapy Humanistically
  9. Parents As Mirrors For Their Children
  10. Parenting: Setting Limits While Allowing Choices
  11. Positive Parenting: Listening To Your Child, Listening To Your Partner, Listening To Yourself
  12. Focusing: You Wake Up Depressed For No Reason
  13. Tears and Focusing
  14. Jung, MBTI, and Experiential Theory
  15. Focusing and Soul Collage


  1. Being Touched and Being Moved: The Spiritual Value of Tears 
  2. Focusing Inner Child Work With Abused Clients 
  3. Caring Confrontation In Experiential Therapy 
  4. Psychotherapy Training Through Peer Counseling 
  5. Listening and Interruptions In Task-Oriented Groups (dissertation excerpt)
  6. Don’t Fight ‘Em, Join ‘Em: A Community-Wide Intervention for ADHD 
  7. Experiential Focusing As A Brief Therapy Intervention 
  8. The Body As A Source Of Knowledge 
  9. Existential/Phenomenology: A Philosophy Of Feminine Experience
  10. Finding The Meaning Of Tears 
  11. Medical Change Events With Experiential Focusing
  12. Listening and Focusing In Supportive Community  
  13. Focusing Therapy: Theory, Research,Practice, and Training
  14. Affect in Focusing and Experiential Therapy 
  15. Changes: A Peer-Counseling Model for Community Mental Health
  16. Collaborative Edge Decision Making
  17. Instant "Ahah!" Mini-Manual
  18. Complete Focusing Instructions
  19. Focusing in Community: Introduction
  20. Creative Edge Organizations: Businesses and Organizations as a 'Kind' of Focusing Community

Articles by Others

  1. Focusing Twelve Step by Steve Crawford
  2. Recovery Focusing by Suzanne Noel

Articles in Spanish:

  1. Método de Toma de Decisiones desde el Borde de Colaboración
  2. Destreza Básica: Focusing Intuitivo
  3. Destreza Básica: Escucha Focalizada
  4. Proceso de Solución de Problemas PRISMAS
  5. La Piramide de Borde Creativo
  6. "Ajás" Instantáneos
  7. Cultura de Creatividad
  8. Focusing - Individualmente, con un Entrenador de Borde Creativo ó con un Terapeuta de Focusing Experiencial
  9. Turnos Iguales para el Intercambio de Escucha y Focusing
  10. Focusing Interpersonal - Usar la Escucha/Focusing para facilitar la Resolución de Conflictos
  11. Focusing en Comunidad: Introducción
  12. Reuniones de Toma de Decisiones
  13. Communidades de Focusing
  14. Organizaciones de Borde Creativo

Helpful Books

You will find a wide variety of books, tapes, CDs/DVDs by a variety of Focusing teachers at and related links in The Focusing Institute Store.

You will find a complete, interactive archive (The Gendlin Online Library) of the works of Eugene Gendlin, creator of Focusing, at Gendlin Online Library

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These materials are offered purely as self-help skills. In providing them, Dr. McGuire is not engaged in rendering psychological, financial, legal, or other professional services. If expert assistance or counseling is needed, the services of a competent professional should be sought.