Self-Help Package: For Individuals, Groups, and Facilitators Who Want To Learn The Creative Edge Focusing ™ Model On Their Own With Free Online Support

Manual, Multi-Media Aids, and Online Support


1. Manual: Focusing in Community: How To Start A Listening/Focusing Support Group (Focusing en Comunidad: Como Empezar un Grupo de Apoyo de Escucha Y Focusing en Espanol)

Focusing in Community (Focusing en Comunidad) is written directly from Dr. McGuire’s experience as a co-founder of the original Changes Listening/Focusing Community 1969-1975 and in starting additional Listening/Focusing Communities over thirty years and in various cities. Dr. McGuire participated as an equal peer counselor in a Focusing Group meeting almost every Sunday evening for thirty years as her own affirmation of the importance of supportive community.

Focusing in Community (Focusing en Comunidad)  gives you step-by-step instructions in how to find one or more friends with whom to start exchanging Listening/Focusing turns. It tells you how to use the Core Skills of Intuitive Focusing and Focused Listening

The skills can be applied by couples or friends and by support group facilitators to build supportive community.

The manual includes Chapters teaching the following specific self-help skills and methods of Creative Edge Focusing Pyramid:

  • Focusing Partnership: The Listening/Focusing Exchange
  • Focusing on Your Own : Pre-Focusing Exercises and Complete Focusing Instructions
  • Interpersonal Focusing: Using a Listening Facilitator for Conflict Resolution
  • Collaborative Edge Focusing Decision Making: Shared Leadership and Creative Edge Impasse Resolution for Group Decision Making Meetings
  • Starting a Support Group: Finding Your Core Group
  • Building A Supportive Community: From Group to Community

2. DVD: Listening/Focusing Demonstrations (120 minutes)

This two-hour DVD (in English) includes:

  • Part One:“Focusing: Mind/Body Healing”: two half-hour interviews with Dr. McGuire, where she describes Listening and Focusing and their use in parenting, relationships, and business.

    The second half-hour includes an actual live 12-minute Listening/Focusing session. A woman, using Intuitive Focusing, pays attention to the murky, “intuitive feel” under her present experience of depression and migraine headache. Dr. McGuire responds with Focused Listening. The woman experiences a Paradigm Shift. There is a palpable shift in energy in the direction of “lightness and dancing” and possible action steps arise. There is also a release of the migraine tension. Makes a great teaching aid!!

  • Part Two: “Listening/Focusing Demonstrations”: three 12- minute Listening/Focusing sessions where students attempt to practice Intuitive Focusing while Dr. McGuire provides Focused Listening help. In the Introduction, Dr. McGuire previews each session, telling viewers to pay attention, not just to what she is doing as the Listener, but to what each Focuser is doing – how they try to pay attention to the “intuitive feel” that is “more than words,” The Creative Edge” which holds next steps of problem solution. Excellent teaching aid!


  • CD One: “From Darkness To Gold”: Finding Personal Meaning, The Way of Relationship, Inner/Outer Parenting (45 minutes)
  • CD Two: “Creating Love”: Focusing In Community, Empathic Listening, A Focusing Exercise (45 minutes)

In the first CD, Dr. McGuire describes how using Intuitive Focusing and Focused Listening is a kind of Soul-Making, enriching your life through finding your own unique personal meaning and path. She describes how conflict in relationships can be transformed into relational gold. She describes how parenting children involves re-parenting your own Inner Child through Listening/Focusing Partnership turns.

In the second CD, Dr. McGuire describes how the exchange of Listening/Focusing turns in a group setting creates the “love” which binds people together. She describes how empathic listening creates love of the uniqueness of the other person, as well as respect for our common humanity. Then, she takes you through your first Focusing Session, leading you through Gendlin’s six steps.


  • CD One: “Pre-Focusing Practice” (60 minutes)
  • CD Two: Two 20-Minute Focusing Sessions (40 minutes)

These two CD lead you through Gendlin’s entire six-step Focusing process.

Dr. McGuire teaches you to use the PRISMS/S Focusing Process while Focusing alone, walking you through, step-by-step, as you learn to:

  • relax, go quietly inside, and “clear a space” for problem identification
  • find the “bodily felt sense,” or “intuitive feel,” of the chosen issue
  • go back and forth between left-brain symbolizing and right-brain “intuition”
  • experience a Paradigm Shift as the kaleidoscope turns, and new possibilities, behaviors, and solutions arise in an experiential “Ahah!.”

Self-HelpThe CDs, totalling almost two hours, include five Relaxation Exercises, five exercises for Finding an “Intuitive Feel,” and two full-length sets of Complete Focusing Instructions. You follow Dr. McGuire’s soothing voice, pausing the CD when you want more time at any point. The exercises in sequence can also be used to teach a class or workshop.

View and order the entire Self-Help Package.

5. Free!!! Instant “Ahah!”s E-Newsletter: Reminders and Tips

If you haven’t yet, subscribe to the Instant “Ahah!”s e-newsletter.

The Instant “Ahah!”s e-newsletter will arrive once a week:

  • reminding you  to take a few moments, right then, for Relaxation Exercises and Intuitive Focusing
  • encouraging you to try out a simple but life-changing Instant “Ahah!” today
  • notifying you “What’s New” at, our website
  •  including the “best” of Dr. McGuire’s “Creative Edge” blog: tips on everything from relationships to spirituality to diet to sensuality/sexuality --  best relationship and parenting advice, transcendent  books, poetry, and music, fastest healthy recipes, lowest calorie desserts, Collaborative Edge Sexuality, best massage tables, best aroma therapy, etc., etc.

After subscribing, you can immediately download the first 10 Instant “Ahah!”s, simple procedures you can begin to apply in your personal and professional life right now, today. While they may seem small, they can have huge impacts on your life and work. You will get even more out of them after learning the two Core Skills, Intuitive Focusing and Focused Listening, from our Self-Help Package.

The newsletter will give you continuous support for learning and practicing. Of course, you can easily unsubscribe at any time.

6. Free Creative Edge Online Discussion/Support Group

In our online e-discussion list/support group, you can share your experiences in practicing the Listening/Focusing skills and in building your support group or supportive community. You can ask your questions and discuss problems.  As in all support groups, you will learn from the experiences of others and give and receive support.

Dr. McGuire, or another CE Focusing Consultant, will be moderating. The Listening/Focusing norms and structures for Collaborative Edge Focusing Decision Making will be in effect, making the group a safe place for sharing and exploration from The Creative Edge. The Moderator will also demonstrate Listening/Focusing skills and Interpersonal Focusing as occasions arise.

You can find others with similar interests and participate in collaborative projects, bringing Listening/Focusing skills, PRISMS/S, and Creative Edge Focusing Pyramid to everyone, everywhere.

Emails will arrive in your online mailbox. You can just listen in or respond if you want and whenever you want. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Join now and, as a bonus, download complete Pre-Focusing Exercises and Focusing Instructions.

7.  If you want more help, you will find articles, books, manuals, audio- and video-tapes, CDs and DVDs in our Resources section.

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These materials are offered purely as self-help skills. In providing them, Dr. McGuire is not engaged in rendering psychological, financial, legal, or other professional services. If expert assistance or counseling is needed, the services of a competent professional should be sought.