Individuals: Parents, Lovers, Friends

Who You Are

You want more intimate relationships. You have had psychotherapy or couples therapy and you believe in personal growth and intimacy. You may have read Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks’ Conscious Loving book and be ready to make the commitment to “total honesty.” You may have read Harville Hendricks’ Getting The Love You Want and be ready to see your relationships as a place for self-help therapy, for growing toward wholeness.

You are willing to spend the time needed for intimacy You want to take the time to listen to your loved ones, to understand them, and to support them.

You believe that your friends can really be there for you, and you for them. You believe in “creating your own family” of committed friends. You try to spend time with your friends.

You would be comfortable asking your friends or family to try something new in the area of personal growth.

Problems You Face

You have conflicts and arguments with the people you love best. Or you retreat into distance instead of facing conflicts. You feel helpless, try to fix people, and they just get madder….

Good intentions to spend time fade away…everyone watches TV, goes their separate ways….There is nothing to talk about, nothing to do together….

Inevitably, there are conflicts between you and a friend, or within a group of friends…or everyone stays “superficial” in order to avoid conflict….

If this sounds like you and your friends and family, we will provide you with our simple manual, Focusing In Community: How To Start A Listening/Focusing Support Group (Focusing En Comunidad: Como Empezar un Grupo De Apoyo de Escucha Y Focusing in Espanol), multi-media aids, and online support to help you use Intuitive Focusing and Focused Listening to create more supportive relationships