Collaborators: Volunteers, Foundations, Social Change Agents,

Who You Are

You are a person who cares about the world and is looking for a place to put your time, energy, and/or money. You would like to join with others in really changing the world in some visible way. You like the idea of Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffet teaming up to make visible change in Africa. You believe people working together can make a difference.

You are interested in learning new skills that will help you help yourself and your relationships as well as helping the world. You want creativity, spirituality, personal growth to stay central to any world-saving you do.

You want to be involved in an organization that is creating innovative ways for working collaboratively within a hierarchical structure, turning conflict into creativity, and supporting creative thinking and innovative projects. You want the organization to “walk the walk.” You’ve already worked on your own a lot, but you want the support of others. You want to experience that there are methods that work for conflict resolution and creative problem solving at every level.

You may have considerable training in Listening/Focusing skills. You may be retired and want a way to continue contributing without full time commitment or to develop a new way of using and sharing these skills.

Problems You Face
You have been involved with organizations that were consumed by conflict or burnout.

You want to contribute your time, money, or energy to something that will be important, create meaningful change, and it is hard to know what really matters.

You may only have a little time, want a partial involvement…..

You don’t know how to balance personal needs with work needs.

You don’t know if people can work together without conflict.

If this sounds like you, please join us as a Collaborator. You can do one small thing, or you can receive low cost training to become a Creative Edge Consultant by taking the Listening/Focusing skills and methods to a specific audience. Click on the Free Phone Consult icon to discuss your ideas with Dr. McGuire, or start by joining the Creative Edge e-discussion/support group.