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Individuals: Parents, Lovers, Friends Wanting More Intimacy, Supportive Relationships

Our Self-Help Package teaches you to start exchanging Listening/Focusing turns with one other person, in a Focusing Partnership and/or to build a larger group of friends or colleagues into a Focusing Group or Focusing Community.

Our manual, Focusing in Community  (Focusing En Comunidad) gives explicit instructions in Intuitive Focusing and Focused Listening and how to build Focusing Partnerships and a Focusing Group. It tells how to incorporate Interpersonal Focusing and Collaborative Edge Focusing Decision Making, necessary skills for conflict resolution which can turn a Focusing Group into a Focusing Community.  

The Bonus materials show four actual video sessions of people using PRISMS/S in Focusing Partnerships, and give you complete audio instruction, in small steps, in learning the Intuitive Focusing skill.

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Problems You Face And Our Solutions

  • Problem: As an individual, you are seeking personal growth, creativity, and/or an increased experience of spirituality and meaning in your every day living. You want to learn a self-help skill which you can use independent of psychotherapy.
  • Solution: Our Self-Help Package, with its manual and audio/visual bonus materials, will teach you how to use Intuitive Focusing on your own.

    You can work individually with a Focusing Teacher or CE Focusing Consultant
    in your geographic area or through phone Coaching sessions or tele-classes, and continue on your own when you feel ready.

    If you choose to try the Focusing Partnership method,
    after three sessions of training in the Listening/Focusing exchange, you can look for Focusing Partnerships through the Partnership list at The Focusing Institute.

    You can join Focusing classes or workshops throughout the world,
    continuing to practice on your own or to start a Focusing Group or Focusing Community from the instructions in our manual, Focusing in Community (Focusing en Comunidad). You might be able to join an existing group in your area.

    Our FREE  Instant “Ahah!”s e-newletter and FREE Creative Edge e-discussion/support group will give you ongoing tips and reminders to practice and support and demonstrations. Just click on the icons.
  • Problem: Regardless of your best intentions, you have conflicts and arguments with the people you love – friends, lovers, children. You feel helpless and want to “fix” people, but they just get madder. You retreat into distance, living parallel lives. Your good intentions to spend time together drift away – it is too stressful, or too distant, nothing to share.
  • Solution: Through our Self-Help Package, with manual and multimedia bonus materials, we teach you exactly how to set up Focusing Partnerships, first for sharing and then for conflict resolution through Interpersonal Focusing..

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    Click on the icon to subscribe and immediately download our Instant “Ahah!”s Mini-Manual, ten approaches to try right now to improve your work and home relationships.

    In our online Creative Edge e-discussion/support group, you can get advise and support from others using the Listening/Focusing model for intimacy and conflict resolution. Dr. McGuire will be there, too, conducting actual sessions, by email, between people on the list as an ongoing demonstration and support. Click on the icon to join The Creative Edge e-discussion/support group and immediately download free Complete Focusing Instructions
  • Problem: You would like to see friends as “family,” but inevitably there is a conflict between friends or within a group…or everyone stays “superficial” in order to avoid conflict.
  • Solution : You can practice just within your family, but our manual, Focusing in Community(Focusing en Comunidad) also shows you how to bring together a few more couples, a few more friends, to start your own support group for integrating the Listening/Focusing skills into your life. Click on the icon to view and order our Self Help Package. 

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These materials are offered purely as self-help skills. In providing them, Dr. McGuire is not engaged in rendering psychological, financial, legal, or other professional services. If expert assistance or counseling is needed, the services of a competent professional should be sought.