Building Supportive Community

INTEREST AREA: Building Supportive Community – Ten First Steps

Task-Oriented Community Building


In a Creative Edge Organization, people work together collaboratively toward a common goal. They use the Listening and Focusing skills to clarify their thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making.  The “felt experience” of community, the emotional glue that comes from getting to know each other empathetically, begins as feelings of collegiality and mutuality related to work on the shared goal arise.

The group can be taught Focused Listening and Intuitive Focusing skills as they are used for Collaborative Thinking and for  the Shared Leadership model for group decision-making meetings. The emphasis here is upon Focusing as a method for problem-solving from the Creative Edge, Focused Listening as a communication skill, and Empowerment Organization as a method of overcoming apathy and motivating effective action.

If conflict arises, community members can learn to use the Listening/Focusing skills for Interpersonal Focusing.  Then, people will naturally start using the skills for their own personal growth, relationship strengthening, and mutual support. See Interest Area: Creative Edge Organization for Ten First Steps for Bringing Creative Edge Focusing into non-profit and for-profit organizations.//end of text for Task-Oriented Community Building//

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