Tapping The Creative Edge in Individuals and Organizations

The goal of Creative Edge Focusing ™ is to teach PRISMS/S and our Creative Edge Pyramid of “human literacy” to people at every level, from individuals to relationships to organizations, for use at home, school, or work.

The Focusing Crystals: Individual Differences

Some people will be natural Intuitive Focusers and/or Focused Listeners. In organizations, we want to find them, nurture them, and make space in group situations for their special contribution from The Creative Edge. Others will have difficulty with the concept of going quietly inside to look for the Creative Edge or of setting aside their own opinions to really listen to another. All can benefit from training.

Work in teams, groups, and communities demands the ability to understand and tolerate different personality styles and benefits from using the unique gifts of everyone. You can visit the Personality Tests area on our Free Resources page to explore  some of our favorite methods for introducing the idea of individual differences, including The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), the Keirsey Temperament Sorter, the Enneagram, Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences, and Goleman’s “Emotional Intelligence” and “Social Intelligence.”

The Focusing Spectrum: Interest Areas

People have been attracted to this website through many different avenues. We have chosen to keep all of these Interest Areas together on the same website because, while executives, helping professionals, and community builders have different needs, almost everyone is also a parent, lover, friend, and community volunteer.

Whatever you came looking for, we hope that you will explore some of our other services and programs. You can check out our major projects under Interest Areas below.

The Focusing Rainbow: Who We Work With

We work with:

Organizations: Executives, managers, human resource personnel looking for explicit skill training for reativity, innovation, conflict resolution, and collaborative decision making

Individuals Parents, lovers, friends looking for specific skills for creating more intimate and supportive relationships

Community Builders: Grass roots organizers,  volunteer coordinators, support group facilitators,  spiritual communities looking for specific methods which bind people together through empathy and which can also motivate them for concerted effort for the common good.

Helping Professionals: Physicians, nurses, counselors, psychotherapists, body-centered healers,teachers, ministers looking for specific skills to deepen their healing work while deepening their own growth and preventing burnout

Collaborators: We are also looking for people who would like to join with us at Creative Edge Focusing in our mission of bringing Listening and Focusing, as basic skills of human literacy, to people in many situations and throughout the world. In exchange, we provide low-cost training toward becoming a Creative Edge (CE) Focusing Consultant and participation in our supportive learning community

Our Clients Tend To Have The Following General Beliefs and Values

Our ideal clients:

  • Value creativity, personal growth, and healthy relationships
  • Are looking for a spiritual, or meaningful, dimension in life and work.
  • Read Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink or Gendlin’s Focusing and said, “Yes. There is something important there.”
  • Believe dealing with interpersonal conflict can be creative.
  • Believe that problem solving groups can be more creative than individuals.

Now that you know “who we work with,” find out How We Work – our values and beliefs, our “hands-on learning” methods, our solutions to the problems you face… But first, if you haven’t yet, click her to visit our Free Resources page. Download our Instant “Ahah!s” Mini-Manual and Immediate Focusing Instructions.

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Want to learn more about Focused Listening and Intuitive Focusing?

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