The Collaborative Edge Focusing Decision Making Method

As one of the seven Applied Methods of Creative Edge Focusing Pyramid, The Collaborative Edge Focusing Decision Making method includes:

  • Shared Leadership – a division of meeting tasks which increases ownership, responsibility, and active participation and includes:

    1. An Agenda Keeper
    2. A Process Monitor
    3. An Alternate Process Monitor
    4. A Time Keeper
    5. A Recorder
  • Coordinated Collaboration --  the interface between collaboration and hierarchical decision making, combining the best of hierarchy and consensus
  • Creative Edge Focusing Impasse Resolution -- mandated use of Intuitive Focusing and Focused Listening skills “when the going gets rough”  including:

    1. Group Intuitive Focusing Exercise
    2. Creative Edge Round Robin
    3. Creative Edge Focusing Partnership Break Out
    4. Interpersonal Focusing for Conflict Resolution
    5. Problem Solving “in the Other Room”

Download Dr. McGuire's comprehensive article on "Collaborative Edge Focusing Decision Making,", also available in Spanish,  and you can begin using the method at meetings immediately. Use the Free Phone Consult if you want more help.


Want to learn more about Focused Listening and Intuitive Focusing?

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