Executives, Managers, Human Resource Personnel

Who You Are

You are an executive of a company that needs creativity and innovation and knows it is related to the health and happiness of your employees. You might be on a list of “Best Companies To Work For,” “Most Family-Oriented Employers,” “Most Innovative Corporations”. You know that happiness at home positively influences productivity at work.  

Whether you are male or female, you have a strong respect for contributions from right- and left- brain, intuition and logic.

You want to stop going from “fad” to “fad” and find the program which will be a “lifestyle change” for you and your organization, getting more and more effective over time.  You want that program to carry over at home as well as at work. You want to decrease stress on yourself and on your employees.

You want your organization to identify, appreciate, and reinforce the special gifts and talents of each person. You believe that your employees are inherently unique, creative, and innovative, and you want to release this potential. You believe that every person has a unique mission, a passion, and that their work must engage this. You want everyone in the organization to know how to help each other nurture creative ideas.

You believe that conflict caused by difference can be creative. You want to benefit from everyone’s special gifts. You want to decrease personality conflicts and increase teamwork. You want everyone in your organization to know how to deal with conflict openly and to respect and appreciate diversity.

You want your employees to support each other working together as collaborative teams. You believe that collaboration produces more creative solutions than competition, and you want to foster a Culture of Creativity (link).

You want your employees to love their job and their company.  You want loyalty, full engagement, commitment. You are not afraid to use the word “community” or “family” when describing your workplace. You want to avoid turnover, burnout, and the carelessness that comes from apathy.

You have the power to implement a program you believe in. You are willing to be in the front line, learning skills yourself in order to pass them on to others. You are willing to be a strong role model, knowing that actions speak louder than words.

Problems You Are Facing

As an executive or manager, you feel you have no one to turn to for confidential advice and support. Sometimes you feel burned out, overwhelmed by a particular problem, looking for new creativity in your approach to problems, looking for the sense of meaning and purpose behind your work.

Organizationally, you can’t imagine how you can possibly reach everyone, support every employee.

You haven’t a clue how to help people with their home lives.

You and your employees are tired of trying new things, cynical about “another program.” You’ve tried many “techniques” to reduce stress. Nothing sticks. No one has time to relax!!!

You’ve done a million personality tests and diversity workshops. Nothing sticks. Some people still hate each other and misunderstand each other. And, once again, you can’t possibly be a therapist or personal coach for every person….

Some of your employees are afraid of open conflict. They manipulate, back bite, compete indirectly, and sabotage each other. You yourself don’t really know how to make conflict open and safe. You can’t possibly be a therapist or send everyone to therapy…

You want collaboration but within a hierarchy, a chain of command. You don’t want the chaos that can come with creativity. Many of your people don’t know how to run a team meeting. You haven’t the slightest idea how to get everyone to “love” each other, and, besides, it sounds silly…..

If this sounds like you and your organization, our Creative Edge Consulting Package will bring the PRISMS/S Problem Solving Method, with Core Skills of Intuitive Focusing and Focused Listening, throughout your organization, using our hands-on skill learning and the “each one teach one” model. Our Creative Edge Pyramid of skills and methods will instill norms, structures, and skills at every level --  from executive coaching to creative team meetings and conflict resolution to total engagement and motivation. We will provide for carry-over of our skills from work to home.