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Community Builders: Grass Roots Organizers, Volunteer Coordinators, Support Group Facilitators, Spiritual Communities  

Our Focusing in Community (Focusing en Comunidad) manual teaches you the Core Skills of Intuitive Focusing and Focused Listening , how to start a support group, and how to build it into a supportive community.

Whether you start out offering emotional support or organizing for social change, we empower all of your participants to learn and use PRISMS/S for personal and communal growth.

Our Creative Edge Pyramid of methods applies to non-profit as well as for-profit organizations. PRISMS/S is applied to personal growth, interpersonal conflict resolution, and group decision making.

Problems You Face and Our Solutions

  • Problem: People are apathetic, too busy to “get involved.”
  • Solution: Through the Creative Edge Organization method, we will help you locate the “One Small Step” which will mobilize your volunteers or community members to take that first step into committed action. You can purchase a few sessions of consultation with Dr. McGuire or another CE Focusing Consultant who will help you learn and use PRISMS/S to analyze and discover  your “One Small Step.” Or you can seek support and consultation through our Creative Edge Focusing online support group
  • Problem: You are trying to work consensually, but decision making meetings go on forever and can degenerate into struggles for leadership. You are not sure how to resolve conflict.
  • Solution: Our manual teaches you and everyone in your group the Interpersonal Focusing method for resolving conflict and the Collaborative Edge Focusing Decision Making method for efficient meetings. The method includes components of Shared Leadership, Coordinated Collaboration, and Creative Edge Impasse Resolution. Every group member becomes skilled in and responsible for facilitating, respectful, creative, and efficient problem solving meetings.
  • Problem: People in support groups touch the tip of the same “iceberg” over and over. People drop out. They need something more.
  • Solution: The Listening/Focusing peer counseling tools are extremely gentle, yet extremely powerful. The PRISMS/S Focusing Process helps people experience Paradigm Shifts, a new step forward.

The very process of exchanging Listening/Focusing turns creates the experiences of empathy which bond individuals into a community. Participants can continue on as their own self-help group and supportive community.

Our manual teaches you everything you need to know to bring together a group or to add Listening/Focusing skills to existing groups. You can reproduce it so that every group member has their own copy, empowering them to know what you know, to take equal responsibility.

Our bonus materials, DVDs and audio CD’s, offer you multimedia materials to enhance your teaching.

Our Instant “Ahah!”s e- newsletter reaches out to you and your group members through providing weekly reminders, tips, and exercises to keep the Listening/Focusing skills active in their lives.

Through our Creative Edge e-discussion/ support group, we will continue to offer support, problem solving, and demonstrations of how to apply PRISMSS in your situations and to help people continue in their own self-help group.

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These materials are offered purely as self-help skills. In providing them, Dr. McGuire is not engaged in rendering psychological, financial, legal, or other professional services. If expert assistance or counseling is needed, the services of a competent professional should be sought.