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 Summer E-newsletter Slow-Down/Fall Complete E-Course Starts
The e-newsletters are slowing down for a summer rest period! In the Fall, the entire year of e-newsletters will recycle as an e-course, three practice opportunities per week, a walk through the Instant “Ahah!” Mini-Manual and The Complete Focusing Instruction free downloads, and an interweaving of the Creative Edge Focusing (TM) website materials with the work of others within the Focusing community and also in the larger world.
If you are just joining us and have never learned Focusing, probably best to start by reading the introduction to Instant “Ahah!” #1: Focusing — Find Out What Is Bothering You, which lays out Gendlin’s basic six steps of Focusing.
Reviewing/Previewing A Variety of Exercises to Strengthen Your Focusing Practice
And, here, for old timers and newcomers alike, I will give you a suggested Mini-Course of exercises from The Complete Focusing Instructions and Instant “Ahah!”s free downloads available at under Free Resources, then Articles (or downloaded after signing up for this e-newsletter and for e-support group). The exercises are taken from the e-newsletter archives:
Relaxation Exercise: Just Noticing

Relaxation Exercise: “At The Beach”

“Clearing A Space” and Finding Peace

Complete Focusing: “How Am I Today?”

Getting A “Felt Sense”: Finding the “Intuitive Feel” of A Situation

Getting A “Felt Sense”: Unraveling “Situation Pile-Ups and Negative Spirals

Holiday Fun and Stress Relief?: Free Personality Tests and Focusing Reminders

Getting A “Felt Sense”: Creating A Caring, Feeling Presence Inside

 Getting A “Felt Sense”: Caring For Unpleasant Parts of Ourself

Getting A “Felt Sense”: Dealing with Inner Abusers, Inner Critics

Getting A “Felt Sense”: Focusing about Unresolved Interpersonal Situations

Complete Focusing: “Sitting With” The Creative Edge of an Interpersonal Situation

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Free Downloads: 

Complete Focusing Instructions Manual (17 pages)

“Ajas” Instantaneos Mini-Manual

Creative Edge Focusing ( ) teaches two basic self-help skills, Intuitive Focusing and Focused Listening, which can be applied at home and at work through The Creative Edge Focusing Pyramid.

Based upon Gendlin’s Experiential Focusing ( ) and Rogers’ Empathic Listening, our website is packed with Free Resources and instructions in these basic self-help skills. Learn how to build Support Groups, Conscious Relationships, and Creative Edge Organizations based upon these basic skills of emotional intelligence.

You can try out    “Focusing: Find Out What Is Bothering You.”

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 See  Core Concept: Conflict Resolution to find a complete mini-course on Interpersonal Focusing and Conflict Resolution, including Rosenberg’s Non-Violent Communication, Blanchard’s “One Minute Apology,” Patricia Evan’s books on Verbally Abuse and Controlling Relationships, McMahon’s Beyond The Myth Of Dominance, and much more.

See  Core Concept: Intimate Relationship to find a complete mini-course on increasing intimacy and sexuality, including the “Sharing Your Day” exercise, Listening/Focusing Partnerships for The Way of Relationship, untangling and equalizing desire, tantric sexuality, and much more.

Download complete Instant “Ahah!” Mini-Manual, in English and Spanish, from CEF Website, or download from links at top of this blog.

Find links to free articles, personality tests, multi-media Self-Help training, Classes and workshops

Dr. Kathy McGuire, Director

Creative Edge Focusing (TM)


  1. […] Click here for a free Intuitive Focusing Mini-Course […]

  2. […] Click here for a free Intuitive Focusing Mini-Course […]

  3. […] Click here for a free Intuitive Focusing Mini-Course […]

  4. LarryXA says:

    Thx, this has definitely made my day!


  5. Wow! What a purposeful life you lead taking care of a loved one who needs you. I’ve been there. It’s very draining and exhausting – physically emotionally. I myself became ill due to the stress involved – so be sure to take time out for yourself. Have at least 1 night a week that you take the evening for yourself – to play online, go to a movie w/ a friend, write a letter, watch T.V., etc. And DON’T BREAK THE DATE! Be steadfast on it! If it’s a family member, ask another family member(s) to take responsibility for this person every week on that night. Or, if it’s a boyfriend/husband, ask his family or friends to take him on this night every week. Not only will it give you something to look forward to all week long, you won’t feel like you’re abandoning anybody because that person will be well cared for that evening – you prearranged it yourself. It will also take some of the stress off of him, as he must sense that you’re becoming mentally drained and may feel like a burden to you. Have a positive outlook, but don’t over-step reality. When my father was dying of 2 terminal illnesses, I tried to keep such a ‘positive outlook’ that I talked myself right into believing that I could cure him w/ my positive reinforcement optimism. Needless to say, I could not. I’m sure I did, however, bring a bright spot into his day by always remaining positive around him. Negativity worsens any ailment, especially mental health issues. It will also lighten you up – you can’t be depressed/bummed if you’re having a positive outlook on the situation. Things will get better. Don’t lose contact w/ your good friends (good friends – the kind that don’t bring you down or constantly borrow things from you) and be open honest w/ at least one of them about how you’re feeling. Or even better – your Mom is a good confidante. Anyone who will keep their nose out of your business and not run ‘ratting’ on you to this other individual. If you have some extra money, every once in a while go shopping for a little treat for yourself, or even for this other person. Nothing extravagant – just a little token of your appreciation for all you do. Or maybe to brighten this other person’s day. I like to shop online becuz I look forward to the package arriving in the mail. And know when to say ‘when.’ It’s okay to say ‘no’ to people if you are truly too tired or too exhausted to perform another task or run another errand. Just don’t take on all of the responsibility for this person – share it with others who love him too.

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