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Pre-Focusing Practice B. Getting A Felt Sense #2: “From The Bottom Up”
(from Complete Focusing Instructions)

In order to access right-brain, non-linear solutions to problems, you must learn to find and pay attention to “the bodily-felt sense,” the “intuitive feel” that is more than words. These Pre-Focusing exercises help you find “the felt sense,” a vague, unclear, preverbal “intuitive feel” in the center of your torso. Intuitive Focusing teaches you to find exactly the right words or images to capture this “intuitive feel.” 

Remember, especially at the beginning, time those “1 minute” pauses. You will be amazed at how long a minute is, how seldom we ever pause for a whole minute!!! And it is exactly in the PAUSE that the Creative Edge comes.

****I am finding it really helpful in this exercise to use touch from the outside to help me find the “inside feel” of each body-location. So, I wiggle and rub my toe, sensing inside, then my knee, sensing inside, wiggle my body against the supporting surface while sensing inside those points of contact, and, finally, put my hands on top of my chest/heart/lung area to sense inside of there and, then, while waiting for the larger “intuitive feel” of myself and my day to arise*******

Here’s another method for finding the “intuitive feel” of the inside of your body, especially the space around the chest/heart area where you will experience the Creative Edge, the intuitive information that is more than words. “Getting a Felt Sense” is an important first step in Intuitive Focusing (Eugene Gendlin invented this exercise):

“From the Bottom Up”  — Allow 5-10 minutes

—Close your eyes and get comfortable—loosen any clothing that is too tight—
1 minute
—Follow your breathing for a few moments, just noticing the breath, going in—and out-
1 minute
—Now, turn your attention to your right big toe—Can you feel your toe?—10 seconds

—Now, turn your attention to your knee—and feel your knee from the inside—10 sec

—Now, pay attention to your body where it touches the chair or floor—Feel everywhere that your body makes contact with the supporting surface—30 seconds

—Now, the inside of your chest, where your heart, lungs, diaphragm are — this is where the felt sense, the “intuitive feel” comes–feel in there, inside—10 seconds

—Ask yourself, in there, “How am I today?” and wait and see what comes—If you wait for at least a minute, a “felt sense” will arise, a subtle “intuitive feel” of yourself, that is not in words—
1 minute
—Just be with the “intuitive feel” for a moment, feeling it and trying to find a short, feeling or “quality” word (like “scared,” “sad,” “tense,” “silly,” “joyful” “red,” “jumpy,” “elastic”) that captures the quality of the “intuitive feel”—Or you might find an image that is just right—or perhaps your body wants to move into a certain posture or gesture.
1 minute
—You can use this quality word or image or posture as a “handle” to hold on to an “intuitive feel” so that you can come back to it later for a Complete Focusing Turn —
10 sec
—When you are ready, come slowly back into the room 

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