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From Creative Edge Focusing (TM): Through these weekly e-reminders, I am trying to help you to
(a) begin to have brief, safe times getting to know your Inner Space, if this is new to you;
(b) teach you Intuitive Focusing through a series of exercises which are “small steps” in learning Focusing
(c) help newcomers and longtime Focusers alike integrate the “practice” of pausing for relaxation, felt-sensing, and Focusing into everyday living.

Kathy’s Experience: Difference Between Guided Imagery, Meditation, and Focusing

Having finally accumulated lots of hot water in my jacuzzi, I decided to stay still there until it became cool. So, I decided to bring back Relaxation Exercise #1: Noticing — just noticing the breath going in and out; letting go of any problem solving and just coming back to breathing.

As I practiced Noticing, I noticed how different this meditation-like technique was from the guided imagery of Relaxation #2: The Beach.

Guided Imagery Can Stir “Felt Senses”

Doing The Beach the day before, a lot of “felt senses” came up in response to the imagery. So, that day, the exercise became tinged with the sadness and melancholic nostalgia that “gathered” around the imagery that day. The exercise took on the “color” or “intuitive feel” of my day.

Meditation Involves Letting Go of Meanings

In comparison, during Noticing, I specifically “let go” of any such associations that come up. I go back again and again to purely breathing.
There is a specific kind of “freeing” from all thought which I think of as typical of a more meditation-like approach. I wouldn’t say “detached” but “unattaching” moment by moment.

Intuitive Focusing Finds The Creative Edge under an Image

Intuitive Focusing itself is a third kind of inner activity. Coming upon a “felt sense” or “intuitive feel,” one makes the conscious choice to “sit with,” go more deeply into “the feel of that whole thing.” In guided imagery, one might go from one image to the next, like a movie. In Intuitive Focusing, one pauses with an image and asks, “What is the feel of this whole thing?” and goes DOWN in a non-linear way, “sitting with” The Creative Edge from which a whole new meaning for the image can arise.

A. RELAXATION SUGGESTIONS (from Complete Focusing Instructions)
“The Beach (Guided Imagery)

The quiet time between instructions is an important time for just breathing—and relaxing.

You can lie on the floor or, for most exercises, sit in a chair. If you fall asleep, it’s okay! Means you need more rest! But you may also want to practice sitting up to avoid sleeping.

Especially at the beginning, time those “1 minute” pauses and enjoy relaxing in the imagery. You will be amazed at how long a minute is, how seldom we ever pause for a whole minute!!!

The Beach-Allow 10-15 minutes

—Lie down or sit down and get comfortable. 10 seconds

—Stretch—and relax—stretch—and relax—stretch—and relax— three times— 10 sec

—Notice your breathing, without trying to change it.
1 minute

—Now, imagine yourself at the ocean—.10 seconds

—See the wide, sweeping beach of white, crystalline sand—warm and smooth—10 sec

—Take off your shoes and socks, and feel the warm sand between your toes—10 sec

—Smell the sea on the breeze, breathing in—and out—in—and out—in—and out–10 sec

—Watch the waves rolling in, and hear their roaring sound—10 sec

—Waves blue-green with creamy white caps—lapping at the sand—10 sec

—Waves rolling in—and out—in—and out—in—and out—10 sec

—Lie down in the warm sand—feel its warmth all over your back—10 seconds

—Stretch and settle in, feeling the sun upon your body, the sand cushioning you—10 sec

—Listening to the waves rolling in—and out—in—and out—in—and out—10 sec

—Listen to the gulls crying over head—10 sec

—Feel the warmth of the sand below you, the warmth of the sun beating down on you—10 sec

—Remain here as long as you wish.
3 – 5 minutes

—Now stretch, and massage any tension in your face, neck, shoulders, or feet, if you like—
1 minute

— And get up slowly. 

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