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From Creative Edge Focusing (TM):

Through these weekly e-reminders, I am trying to help you to
(a) begin to have brief, safe times getting to know your Inner Space, if this is new to you;
(b) teach you Intuitive Focusing through a series of exercises which are “small steps” in learning Focusing
(c) help newcomers and longtime Focusers alike integrate the “practice” of pausing for relaxation, felt-sensing, and Focusing into everyday living.

A first step of Focusing is learning to “clear a space” inside where the “something new” of right-brain, non-linear “felt sensing” can arise. One way of “clearing a space” is a Relaxation/Meditation/Guided Imagery exercise as a first step toward coming in tune with your “bodily-felt wisdom.” So, as a step in learning Intuitive Focusing, we practice relaxation.

Kathy’s Experience this week: Awakening The Body/Mind

Even I, the “creator” of the exercises, struggle to find time to “practice” them. But, I remind myself, I am really taking just a few minutes, a few times a week, to be with myself, to be with my physical body as well as psychological and emotional self in a way which is healthy, relaxing, brings deep breathing and some measure of peace.

I have not yet, even in the second month, gotten out my CD player to listen along with the audio CD from the Self-Help Package. I often don’t open the e-reminder when it comes. But I do find myself grabbing a few moments here and there and remembering I can use the time to “Go To The Beach” (relaxation through Guided Imagery).

One day, for instance, I was reading a book where “seagulls wheeled overhead.” I noticed how tense I was and I thought, “I can stop and go to The Beach,” lay down on the floor, and did the exercise from memory, experiencing some minutes of Relaxation.

Also, this week, I did open the e-newsletter when it came, took ten minutes, and had a wonderful “awakening” of my stressed-out body/mind:

So, this was not a Focusing Turn, but Relaxation through Guided Imagery. I closed my eyes, stretched — and relaxed— three times, then imagined myself arriving at my favorite Oregon beach, taking off my sandals to walk in the warm sand as I always do. And, immediately, tears came, about how far away from that sense of relaxation I was at that moment, in this troubled time in my mind.

I did not stop for “Focusing” into the deeper meanings of the tears, but continued with the guided imagery journey. I ran down to the shore and said, “Hello, sky! Hello, birds! Hello, waves!” and more tears came with the realization, again, of how far from this in-touchness with the beauty of nature I was in the moment (and I live, in real life, beside a beautiful lake surrounded by Fall colors, right outside my computer-bounded window!).

I continued with the visualization, listening to the waves, wind, bird calls, going to lie down in the warm sand, to feel the warm sand cradling me below, and the warm sun cradling me from above — and I felt like the middle of a “love sandwich,” being cared for and nurtured. I stayed there a while, enjoying the warmth and the sounds, the support of the sand. And then I came back into the room, refreshed.

A. RELAXATION SUGGESTIONS (from Complete Focusing Instructions)
“The Beach (Guided Imagery)

The quiet time between instructions is an important time for just breathing—and relaxing.

You can lie on the floor or, for most exercises, sit in a chair. If you fall asleep, it’s okay! Means you need more rest! But you may also want to practice sitting up to avoid sleeping.

Especially at the beginning, time those “1 minute” pauses and enjoy relaxing in the imagery. You will be amazed at how long a minute is, how seldom we ever pause for a whole minute!!!
The Beach-Allow 10-15 minutes

—Lie down or sit down and get comfortable. 10 seconds

—Stretch—and relax—stretch—and relax—stretch—and relax— three times— 10 sec

—Notice your breathing, without trying to change it.
1 minute

—Now, imagine yourself at the ocean—.10 seconds

—See the wide, sweeping beach of white, crystalline sand—warm and smooth—10 sec

—Take off your shoes and socks, and feel the warm sand between your toes—10 sec

—Smell the sea on the breeze, breathing in—and out—in—and out—in—and out–10 sec

—Watch the waves rolling in, and hear their roaring sound—10 sec

—Waves blue-green with creamy white caps—lapping at the sand—10 sec

—Waves rolling in—and out—in—and out—in—and out—10 sec

—Lie down in the warm sand—feel its warmth all over your back—10 seconds

—Stretch and settle in, feeling the sun upon your body, the sand cushioning you—10 sec

—Listening to the waves rolling in—and out—in—and out—in—and out—10 sec

—Listen to the gulls crying over head—10 sec

—Feel the warmth of the sand below you, the warmth of the sun beating down on you—10 sec

—Remain here as long as you wish.
3 – 5 minutes

—Now stretch, and massage any tension in your face, neck, shoulders, or feet, if you like—
1 minute

— And get up slowly.

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