What Is Intuitive Focusing?

By , October 13, 2007 5:45 pm


 Pausing To Ponder

Intuitive Focusing  is one-half of the two Core Skills of the Creative Edge Focusing ™ Model.  Intuitive Focusing can be used any time to find out what is bothering you or to articulate an intuitive “inkling” into a creative idea or solution.

Intuitive Focusing is a predictable, step-wise method for sitting with the vague, wordless intuitive sense of something that is “more than words”….something you can’t quite put your finger on or put into words, but something definitely determining your behavior or how you feel……

Intuitive Focusing can be used not just for personal problem-solving but for sitting with The Creative Edge of anything: creation of art or writing, an exciting professional problem to solve, a good feeling that has a spiritual edge…

Here are just a few situations where pausing for some minutes of Intuitive Focusing can provide a way forward:

  • You have a “gut feeling” of  exactly what problem you want to work on, but you don’t have any words or images to describe it.
  • Your boss hands you a problem to solve out of the blue, and you have no idea where to begin, how to approach it.
  • You are “stuck” on a creative project, “blocked,” no inspiration about where to go next.
  • You know that something is bothering you, your whole body is tense, you can’t sleep, but you have no idea what the problem is.
  • You have an“inkling,” an “intuition,” (see Gladwell, Blink, 2005) but you can’t put it into words.
  • You have a “hunch” about what to do, an action you want to take, but you can’t verbalize any reasons to justify it.
  • You wake up with the “feel” of a forgotten night-time dream.
  • You have a wonderful feeling of well-being, a “spiritual” feeling, and you would like to spend more time with it, finding a way to describe it.
  • You have an uncomfortable feeling after an interaction with someone, but you don’t know exactly what it is about, so you don’t know what to do about it.
  • You know exactly what you want to do but find yourself blocked, unable to move forward.
  • You might have no feelings, no creative ideas. You feel like a flat piece of concrete.
  • You feel totally stressed out, confused, overwhelmed….

Learn all about Intuitive Focusing and its partner skill, Focused Listening at www.cefocusing.com Check out Core Concepts area and also, in the Home page sidebar, Instant “Ahah!” Focusing: Find Out What is Bothering You as an exercise you can try right now. Our e-newsletter and e-support group (join in the homepage sidebar) will support you in learning and practice listening/focusing step-by-step.

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