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By , February 21, 2009 2:59 pm

Fashion Royalty dolls by Jason Wu, designer of Michelle Obama’s Inauguration ball gown, celebrate Chinese New Years with Fashion Loft furnishing. Wu was the first to present a full line of beautifully sculpted multi-ethnic 11 1/2 inch fashion dolls. Except for Kyori’s black kimono with cranes, kimonos are largely borrowed from Yue Sae Wa Wa dolls. Tiny authentic food comes from the Re-Ment company.

In her work life, Dr. Kathy McGuire offers all kinds of free resources for learning self-help skills which apply at home and at work: intimacy, conflict resolution, parenting, education, organizations, community building, spirituality, creativity, personal growth. See below for free downloads and links to more at Creative Edge Focusing(TM)’s website,


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Creative Edge Focusing ( ) teaches two basic self-help skills, Intuitive Focusing and Focused Listening, which can be applied at home and at work through The Creative Edge Focusing Pyramid.

Based upon Gendlin’s Experiential Focusing ( ) and Rogers’ Empathic Listening, our website is packed with Free Resources and instructions in these basic self-help skills. Learn how to build Support Groups, Conscious Relationships, and Creative Edge Organizations based upon these basic skills of emotional intelligence.

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 See  Core Concept: Conflict Resolution to find a complete mini-course on Interpersonal Focusing and Conflict Resolution, including Rosenberg’s Non-Violent Communication, Blanchard’s “One Minute Apology,” Patricia Evan’s books on Verbally Abuse and Controlling Relationships, McMahon’s Beyond The Myth Of Dominance, and much more.

See  Core Concept: Intimate Relationship to find a complete mini-course on increasing intimacy and sexuality, including the “Sharing Your Day” exercise, Listening/Focusing Partnerships for The Way of Relationship, untangling and equalizing desire, tantric sexuality, and much more.

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