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By , March 6, 2009 12:09 pm

Okay, after five posts on “Why Cry?” (Parts 1-5), time for some light-hearted fun where Dr. Kathy McGuire plays with her collection of Jason Wu’s fantastic Fashion Royalty dolls and their male escorts on the Red Carpet for Oscar night.

 Wu, who designed Michele Obama’s Inaugural Ball Gown, began winning Barbie doll fashion design contests at age 16, went on to join multi-ethnic doll company Integrity Toys ( ), and soon started his own line for Integrity, the Fashion Royalty dolls ( ).

Initially extremely limited (100-1000 max, compared to Barbie’s 30,000-100,000!), with beautiful authentic multi-ethnic face sculpts with fabulous makeup, and fashions from gorgeous fabrics, totally lined, with tucks and pleats and flounces and buttons and snaps galore (compared to Barbie’s velcro closings!), Wu’s Fashion Royalty dolls took the doll collecting world by storm. The entire new line was bought up in Spring and Fall completely on Pre-Order, sight unseen, and dolls immediately tripled (or more!) in value on ebay.

Search “Fashion Royalty,” “Jason Wu,” and “Michele Obama”  in my blog for more details and photos, or look in Category “Best of Everything.”

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