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Wu Exclusive "Flame Rouge" Fashion Royalty Doll
Wu Exclusive “Flame Rouge” Fashion Royalty Doll
Premiere Edition Fashion Royalty Dolls
Premiere Edition Fashion Royalty Dolls
Wu's Premiere Veronique Fashion Royalty doll
Wu’s Premiere Veronique Fashion Royalty doll
Wu Premiere "Close Up" Adele
Wu Premiere “Close Up” Adele
Premiere Wu "Lush Life" Dressed Doll
Premiere Wu “Lush Life” Dressed Doll
Wu "Mauve Absolut" Fashion Royalty Doll
Wu “Mauve Absolut” Fashion Royalty Doll
Wu Fashion Royalty (right) compared to Barbie (left)
Wu Fashion Royalty (right) compared to Barbie (left)
Wu Adele (right) compared to Barbie (left)
Wu Adele (right) compared to Barbie (left)

Finding early outlet for his design talent and aspirations by winning Barbie doll fashion design contests at age 16, Jason Wu went on to develop his own line of 12-inch multi-ethnic Fashion Royalty dolls.Here you see the earliest Fashion Royalty 12-inch dolls released by Jason Wu, designer of Michele Obama’s inaugural gown (see www.jasonwustudio.com for human collections!), and Integrity Toys (www.integritytoys.com) in 2003.

Causing a huge stir, the dolls were immediately sold out and tripled in  price (and more!) on ebay. Limited to 500-1000 dolls (Barbie editions = 50,000 plus!) with exquisite facial sculpts, fabrics, and detailing. Mattel’s Barbie has gone through complete revision in an attempt to “catch up.”  I have included some comparisons between equivalent Barbie Silkstone and Fashion Royalty dolls.

If you want to own a little bit of Jason Wu fashion yourself, you can search for Fashion Royalty Doll on ebay (category Dolls and Bears) for early dolls or see dealers listed at www.fashionroyalty.com . I can recommend Pat Feick at http://patspotpourri.com.


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  1. Go to http://www.integritytoys.com or http://www.fashionroyalty.com and find a list of the dealers who sell Jason Wu Fashion Royalty dolls, Gene dolls, and others by Wu. You can also Search “Fashion Royalty Doll” on E-Bay . One dealer I like is Pat Feick at http://www.patspotpourri.com , say I sent you.

  2. Go to http://www.fashionroyalty.com list of Dealers. I recommend Pat Feick at Pat’s Potpourri.

    I will also be selling some of the earlier-edition dolls soon. Let me know if you are interested.

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