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Fashion Royalty Kyori

Fashion Royalty Kyori

Young and modern Erin
Young and modern Erin
All "dolled up" for party

All "dolled up" for party

This is just a funny thing, but Jason Wu, designer of Michelle Obama’s beautiful Inaugural ball gown, started at age 16 as a winner of fashion design contests for Mattel’s Barbie doll, then, with , started his own line of 12 inch fashion dolls, the multi-ethnic Fashion Royalty dolls (view the various collections in the archives at ).

These dolls took the collectibles world by storm, with faces beautifully and accurately sculpted by Wu — African American Adele, Caucasion Veronique, Asian Kyori, later an East Indian Bollywood beauty and Hispanic doll, and many more. Wu was famous immediately for his beautifully-crafted doll fashions, fabulous fabrics, completely lined, snap and eyelet closings (instead of Barbie’s velcro), embroidery, fine detailing in buttons, darts, gathers.

Besides his authentically sculpted multi-ethnic females, Wu added a line of stunning male dolls of a variety of ethnicities, also with cutting edge fashions.

Wu and company also designed furnishing for the Fashion Royalty Loft collection.

Story line: Competing Fashion Agencies go for blood.

Mattel and Barbie fought back with their own Fashion Model line, but nothing beat the very limited (initially 100-500 per doll) and highly sought-after Fashion Royalty dolls (early editions completely sold out in pre-sales, sight unseen, and immediately tripled in value in Ebay resales).

Wu began making celebrity dolls, starting with his Ru Paul series. Recently, he bought the struggling Gene Marshall line from Ashton Drake, and, with designer Mel Odom, revitalized Gene with updated facial sculpts and fashions. Gene Marshall was the first 16 inch collectible fashion doll, a “1940’s actress starring in many roles in her story line.” Marshall also now has multi-ethnic friends.

About three years ago, Wu moved into human-size fashion design, and he has been featured in Vogue magazine several times. He has designed costumes for the ballet in New York, has a following among actresses and models, and, now, at age 26, has dressed the First Lady of America on her most important evening!

Hooray for Jason Wu and Integrity Toys, which has been creating authentic multi-ethnic dolls for many years.


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