Are you Sensing or Intuitive? Look below

By , October 15, 2007 2:02 pm

Two Oz DioramasOkay, I think I have managed to attach a photo of the Two Wizard of Oz diorama mentioned in my first post. Take a look: my iNtuitive(MBTI) one on the left tells the story: the house fell on the Wicked Witch of the East, the Wicked Witch of the West put Dorothy, Scarecrow, and Lion to sleep in the poppy field — but Tin Man, because of “no heart,” is still awake, looking for help, and Glenda Good Witch is on the scene. All metaphor.

 The other diorama, strong on Sensing (MBTI), has carefully-drawn bricks on the yellow road, leaves attached, tiny dog and basket details added to Dorothy. But no story-telling. Which one draws you? And why? Please comment! It was hard to get this photo up here (but now look for more to come! This is fun!)

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  1. ceridwen says:

    I was drawn to number one–no surprise, because I’ve always been an intuitive, global thinker. I do love detail when it serves to deepen the story. Your dynamic layout with the other person’s detailed props and scenery would be my ultimate Oz diorama. Does that fit an INFJ who sometimes scores as an INFP?

  2. admin says:

    Great comment, Ceridwen! I’m also an INFJ (we are 1% of the wide world, but a huge % in the world of people attracted to Focusing (many of the rest being INFP! Gendlin, the creator, though, I think an INTP (theorist, philosopher).

    Don’t you think this is what often happens in a work team in business? The “creative, imaginative” person needs to be paired with a “creative, detail-oriented” person who can bring the ideas to fruition.

    My husband, an ISTJ, so a Sensing, detail-oriented person, says, in his work (Accounting Professor at University), the iNtuitives come up with these great ideas, having no awareness that it is then going to take years for the Sensing people to bring them into reality! Kathy

  3. ceridwen says:

    Actually, I score as INFP most often (and identify with that description). But sometimes I score as INFJ. Maybe focusing needs more ES types to make it big in the larger world.

  4. admin says:

    Absolutely! Or at least to understand them (Extraverted Sensing = ES, and probably includes about 75% of Americans, many of them business people, teachers, wives and mothers) and their needs and how they might make use of Listening/Focusing skills in their every day lives, home and business.

    Confused by these terms? See my paper “Jung, MBTI, and Experiential Theory,” especially the charts and “thumbnail sketches” at the end at under Free Resources, Articles. Also, go to the Personality Tests area in Free Resources to take some free tests. KAthy

  5. RachelAn says:

    I was drawn to number one. It was more interesting. # 2 was organised but boring. I’m INTJ / ENTJ.

  6. Thanks for commenting. Seems like your iNtuitive was attracted to the more global, “storied” one.

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