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By , October 9, 2007 3:57 pm

Photo of Dr. McGuireI am Dr. Kathy McGuire

I am Director of Creative Edge Focusing (TM)  and creator of its website at www.cefocusing.com . I consult with individuals and organizations, teaching core self-help skills which apply equally to home and work, to creative thinking  and personal growth, to interpersonal conflict resolution and innovative decision making.

After attending Mount Holyoke College, I graduated with the Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Chicago in 1975. Eugene Gendlin, creator of the self-help skill Focusing, (Focusing , Bantam, 1981) chaired my dissertation on improving the quality of decisions by integrating Focusing and Listening into task-oriented groups. Dr. Gendlin had himself been a student of Carl Rogers, creator of “empathic listening” and Client-Centered Therapy.

I have continued my interest in win/win decision making and conflict resolution at the interpersonal, group, and international level since that time. I have served on the Board for several non-profit organizations, focusing upon models for creative problem-solving and win-win decision-making.

I have presented workshops in the USA and in Europe. I am a Certifying Coordinator and a Certified Trainer for The Focusing Institute in New York.

I spent twenty-five years in practice as a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist. I bring to organizational consulting my skills as a psychotherapist. I am especially expert in dealing with personality issues, interpersonal conflicts, and complicated group and organizational dynamics. I have also worked extensively with support groups and community building.

I have written numerous articles and two manuals, Focusing In Community: How To Start A Listening/Focusing Support Group (Focusing en Comunidad) and The Experiential Dimension in Therapy.

For thirty-five years, as my passion, I have been teaching two simple self-help skills, Intuitive Focusing and Focused Listening, to individuals, couples, parents, support groups, communities, and in business and other decision-making settings. Intuitive Focusing and Focused Listening are a kind of emotional and interpersonal literacy as profound as reading and writing. These simple skills can increase happiness, intimacy, creativity, and productivity across the board.

I am also interested in the spiritual value of the community created when Intuitive Focusing and Focused Listening are used to breakdown prejudices and stereotypes and create true understanding between people. I have created Listening/ Focusing Communities where ever I have moved for the past thirty years, for my own emotional support and friendships as well as a gift to my communities.

As creator of the Creative Edge Pyramid of skills and methods, I am committed to bringing Intuitive Focusing and Focused Listening skills to every person, every place. Some of my favorite initiatives, found in our Interest Areas sidebar, include Creative Edge Organizations, Building Supportive Community(for instance, in 12-step groups), Positive Parenting, Creative Edge Education (especially for ADHD), Conscious Relationship, Experiential Focusing Therapy, and Experiencing The Sacred.

My Life Experiences Biography links my Interest Areas to life-shaping events since beginning graduate school, including the Vietnam War and Kent State Massacre, the rise of feminism, the experience of supportive community, parenting of an adopted child with ADHD, and a wonderful “conscious relationship” with my second husband. 

I live beside beautiful Beaver Lake, in Northwest Arkansas (home of Wal-Mart), USA. My husband, Marinus “Rien” Bouwman, teaches Accounting at the Sam Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas. You can come enjoy our lake at the Core Skills Residential Intensive.

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  1. Hi,

    I’ve been looking at your website and I really like the way you explore the topic of helping people. This is what I am trying to do, too.

    I’m the author of several self-help books and a Buddhist teacher and a fully qualified psychotherapist. I have created a resource to help people’s wish come true for 2011, of which I have had great success with my clients, and I would like to share it with a larger audience.

    You can see it here: http://www.taraspringett.com/manifesting-your-dreams

    I think your readers will resonate with my manifesting-your-dreams resource. It is new, completely free and very easy to put on your website. There is a simple line of code that you can simply copy and paste into the html of your website.

    with best wishes,
    Tara Springett

    Author of: The Five-Minute Miracle
    Pulisher: Redwheel Weiser
    0044 (0)1435 874744

  2. Hi, Tara, Good luck with continuing to spread your work in self-help to more and more people. Happy to post your comment and information here. Kathy

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